“The House of the Artist”

Beit Al Fannan

An eco-friendly gem of a building hidden in the North of Jordan, Beit Al Fannan is a beautiful house built by the renowned Jordanian Architect, Ammar Khammash.

Ammar Khammash built the house by hand (Yes, you read that right – by hand) using mostly mud, cement, and lime back in 1994. Over the years, the house has gained more character and unique touches with visitors able to leave behind an artistic touch of their own.

The House Itself

The villa is split into two parts*.

The top part

The top part of the villa consists of a spacious ensuite bedroom upstairs with a double bed and a balcony to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Jordan Valley and Palestine in the distance. On this balcony there is a bed that, in my opinion, is the best bed to sleep on in the place (just make sure to have the mosquito net up).

Downstairs there is a kitchen with all amenities you may need, a toilet, sitting room, and another lovely balcony with the same beautiful views. There is also a backdoor which opens up onto a small outdoor space where there is a BBQ you can use.

The Bottom Part

The bottom part of the house has a separate door and consists of a smaller bedroom with a double bed, a kitchen, bathroom, and a cozy sitting room with a door that leads out to a small outdoor space.

*Both are available to rent per night either together or separately.

The Area

The villa is located right above the ancient ruins of Pella. It is built on a large private land where you can take walks in the nearby foothills and down to the ruins to explore a bygone era.

There is a neighbouring house which is home to Abu Ammar and Um Ammar along with their children. They are the gatekeepers of this special place and are more than happy to help with any needs you may have.

Um Ammar is a magnificent chef. She is the one who will cook your breakfast in the morning – A delicious hearty Arabic breakfast made with fresh Jordanian ingredients. Yummy!

This place is truly magical and inspiring. A great place for a group of friends to escape the city to and enjoy each others company and unleash their inner artist.

For more information and to book a night in this amazing place, you can visit their website: Baraka Destinations.


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