The Dead Sea… dying?

The beautiful Dead Sea is sadly deteriorating. So, if you haven’t been to the Lowest Point on Earth yet, you better get a move on… It won’t be there for long (Not much of it, anyway).
Due to the ever increasing heat levels in the Middle East over the years and diversion of water from nearby mountains, the salty Dead Sea is shriveling.

Before I get into the decline of the Dead Sea, let me tell you a bit about three main benefits of the Dead Sea…

The Mud
The Dead Sea mud is like no other. Taken right from the seabed itself, you can lather on the mud all over your body to reap the benefits of it.

The right way to apply the mud.
Step 1. Get a big handful of wet gooey mud.
Step 2. Lather it on everywhere. Yes, EVERYWHERE (But not the eyes, and try not to get it on your bathing suit. Oh, and try to avoid any open cuts you may have… So, almost everywhere then?).
Step 3. Sit down somewhere under the sun and let it dry. Completely dry.
Step 4. Once completely dry, go into the Dead Sea waters and rub it off as you float… Careful around the eye area!
Step 5. Get out of the water and have a shower.
And your done… Beautifully smooth skin is yours now. For a few days, anyway.

The Sea and its salt
The Dead Sea is around 9 times saltier than the oceans of the world which makes it so dense that you can literally float atop the water; just make sure you get in slowly and back up into it to avoid any possible splashes into your eyes. Salt in eyes = Ouch!
You can soak up the minerals while literally chilling on the surface without moving.
The seawater is rich with more than 21 different skin-pleasing minerals.

The Sun
Who doesn’t love a nice glowing holiday tan? I know I do. And the Dead Sea, due to it’s special sunshine, is the perfect place.
“What’s special about the Dead Sea sunshine?”, I see you think through the screen.
Well, due to the air at the Dead Sea being 15% more oxygenated, the sunshine is ultraviolet filtered which means that you can sit down, sweat, and not worry too much about getting burnt (But that doesn’t mean you can’t get burnt so always wear sunscreen to protect your skin).

Now… To the other main topic – The deterioration of the Dead Sea.
Although it can never completely disappear since, at some point down the line, the ratio of salt to water will be so high that the rate of evaporation will decrease rendering it very unlikely for it to disappear entirely. However, it is shrinking down at a very very alarming rate. Back in the 1980’s, the water levels would reach the doorstep of the hotels and restaurants that were around back then; now, however, hotels have to offer a ride to the edge of the water, which, for some, is 2km away.

Here you can see stairs and ramps that were gradually built as the Dead Sea water levels continued to shrink.

Another factor affecting the level of water at the Dead Sea is the diversion of water to help cater to the growing populations surrounding it, such as Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Israel. The waters that should flow down the mountains and into the Dead Sea are being diverted to use as water resources. So, with less water going into the Dead Sea and evaporation increasing with the heat, it’s difficult to say what measures can be taken to save it but there are people working on it.

Hopefully, something can be done.

Peace and love,



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